How Do I Become a Better Cellist: Twelve Questions

  1. Do I have a burning desire to become the best musician and cellist that I can be?
  2. Do I believe in my talent and in my potential?
  3. Do I practice like I perform and perform like I practice?
  4. Do I practice each and every day?
  5. Do I have specific goals and a detailed plan for each practice session?
  6. Do I have short term and long term practice goals?
  7. Do I practice with a metronome?
  8. Do I record myself and analyze my playing each week?
  9. Do I understand all the foreign language terms in my music?
  10. Do I listen to recordings of the great artists with my score to better understand subtleties of style and nuance?
  11. Do I take good care of myself physically and emotionally?
  12. Do I love music even more than cello playing?
Published on March 28, 2011 at 3:34 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. umm I still don’t get it. I ve done 11of these twelve things but I’m still not a yo yo ma. how do I better my weak spots such as keeping time?

    • Hi Emma,

      I wish we could all play like Yo-Yo! Keep working with your metronome and your rhythm will improve over time.

  2. These are excellent tips. I love to play my cello and I hope to some day be a famous musician!

    • Just keep practicing and listen carefully to every note!

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